Cancer on the clock

Managing cancer in the workplace


The eight caps that helped me keep part of my hair during 16 weeks of chemotherapy.

After being diagnosed with breast cancer in November 2016, I found plenty of information on my type of cancer, treatment and aftercare. But much of it lacked the context of managing cancer while living a life — in my case, working full-time in for a growing website aimed at women in business.

I wanted to keep working full-time while getting treatment. I didn’t want to talk about my cancer all the time, but I needed my co-workers to know why I wasn’t 100 percent.

Most of all, I wanted to keep my hair (more on that later).

This blog is designed to help other women navigate their treatment while working.

Find stories about breast cancer treatment and strategies at my Facebook page, and follow me on Twitter.

Most importantly, share your stories of managing work and a health crisis. Add your thoughts on how I should approach this project in the comments.

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