Online projects

Bizwomen quiz on etiquette


We created a quiz with information from a manners columnist on various business behaviors.

Women and bicycles

This video for Bizwomen accompanied a package commemorating a national celebration of bicycling in Washington, D.C.

Equal Pay Day Coloring Book

The Equal Pay Day coloring book.

The Equal Pay Day coloring book.

We created a coloring book to mark Equal Pay Day in April 2016. Download a copy and color away while learning about inequities in salaries.

Go Columbia

Go Columbia cover for Feb. 12, 2015.

Go Columbia cover for Feb. 12, 2015.

In February 2015, I was in charge of the launch of a new weekly print entertainment guide in print and online at The State Media Co.

Our CMS limited our ability to post anything but words. So, how do you make the content sexier within your template? I suggested converting the online content to a blog format that allowed us to add links, embed videos or audio, and showcase original video content.

The result: A richer experience with each story. Sharing content on Facebook and Twitter, using heavy tagging to reach local constituencies, and timing posts to the event so these stories can have some utility.

SC Celebs Watch

Charleston, SC, native Stephen Colbert with David Letterman, via CBS

Charleston, SC, native Stephen Colbert with David Letterman, via CBS

We have lots of famous folks with South Carolina ties. This blog, which evolved from a photo gallery in mid-2013. kept track of their lives with briefs, video clips, Twitter embeds and other posts.

SC Pets

New channel at

Dogs dressed for Halloween

This page at was introduced in the fall of 2013.  We used it to post readers’ photos of pets in costume, pets wearing sports gear, and the local pet of the week.

Sticky stories

Gretchen Carlson

Screenshot 2017-03-12 10.45.16

One of 2016’s most read stories in Bizwomen was the lawsuit filed by former Fox News anchor against Roger Ailes claiming sexual harassment. We mined the narrative with constant updates, an interview with Carlson’s attorney and a Facebook Live discussion over the legal implications of this unprecedented move.

Miss South Carolina said THAT? South Carolinians love their beauty queens. But they tend to create a bit of a stir (bless their hearts). Miss SC 2013 Brooke Mosteller’s introduction at the Miss America pageant prompted me to create a quick online story and embed a Storify. It was one of the top 10 online stories of 2013.

Halloween 2013

Scary vegetables I created a “horror movie” trailer to accompany this Halloween-inspired food centerpiece.

Interactive graphic: Zoo expansion sfj-zooexpansiongraphic To give readers a better look at how the local zoo will grow and change, we created this  interactive graphic using Hype. Click here:

Miss South Carolina online coverage

I’ve been managing the coverage for the highly popular beauty pageant for several years. It does very well online. Click here to see the page at

Election Day chaos in South Carolina  2012

Voters wait, and wait. By Tim Dominick of The State

Voters wait, and wait. By Tim Dominick of The State

A live blog (again, using Storify) on Election Day 2012, marked by long lines and a mess in one countyWhich I re-purposed into a timeline outlining how the day unfolded.

Halloween 2011

Faces faces Jack O Lantern patterns

Famous faces Jack O Lantern patterns

We published patterns of famous South Carolina faces for Halloween; created a “Where are the zombies?” video, and filmed a local dance group flash mob to “Thriller.”

Columbia Stink Map: crowdsourcing,  2010

Columbia Stink Map

Columbia Stink Map

It’s one of those “editors” stories — you know, something happens to an editor or her friends, and she pushes a story on it. Colleagues walked into the office earlier saying it just stunk outside. When someone said it stunk on the other part of the town, we began investigating. We were getting nowhere in finding the source of the stink. So I created a quick Google map, opened up collaboration, and asked readers to pinpoint the time and place they noticed the odor. It became a fun complement to our coverage, which revealed that a former city councilman’s spread of manure on his farm outside of town was responsible. Only in South Carolina.

Click here for a look at the stink story as mentioned in a article about investigative journalism.

Hurricane Hugo 20th anniversary September 2009

hugo I directed a series of stories examining the impact of Hurricane Hugo on South Carolina 20 years after the storm devastated part of the state in 1989. In one thread, we tracked down some of the people we photographed and updated their stories. This topic page housed stories, video, audio slideshows and interactive maps.

Spring fashion 2008
This video, set to music from a local band, featured local spring fashions. The lead singer of the band modeled the clothes. This accompanied a week-long look at spring fashion in print. I helped developed the concept and edited the package.

See the video here:

Spurrier dress up doll October 2007

South Carolina football coach Steve Spurrier has not been fashionably forward. We tried to help him out with our Flash game, and our print centerpiece in Life&Style. We got more than 25,000 hits in one day. A sports radio show lambasted us for doing it. Tee-hee.


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